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 Jinzhe logistics co.,ltd is a high-speed development company. Since its established in Shanghai, we provide comprehensive domestic transport of excellent service reputation Yangtze River Delta logistics market. Jinzhe logistics in the East China over the import and export capacity and the support of well-known counterparts on the basis of the advantages, expand to international maritime transport, air transport, customs agents in general trade, bonded warehousing and logistics for many enterprises to provide advice and integrated logistics programme Design, and many other service areas, and always learn from Europe and the United States advanced logistics operations and management experience, combining a matter of fact, we take the "conscientious, intellectual excellence" corporate philosophy, and the face to the Yangtze River Delta region comprehensive publicity and promotion. Jinzhe located in the supply chain to become managers, is committed to providing various types of logistics services unit of the optimization and integration programmes, to help customers reduce total cost of logistics, always have competitive advantage. If things continue this way will be, we diligently relentless pursuit of the target!
Cultural ideas
Learning Innovation cooperation / always demand, always change, intellectual, better ourselves. Jinzhe pursuit of the objectives of the spirit endlessly.


Human resources: Jinzhe firmly believe that the "people" is to create the miracle of the fundamental factors, in the "people first" principle, since its beginning has been to create a harmonious, open-air, two-way communication environment to stimulate the enthusiasm of the staff Innovation and change and innovation capacity and create Jinzhe's core values. Jinzhe and absorb a large pool of high-quality logistics personnel, work together for the cause of Jinzhe flourish. 


Jinzhe operation network to help you - the whole process of providing value-added services, lower investment risks.
Reduce the cost of manpower and administrative expenses, lower the cost of depth distribution, integration and standardization of the management,
In the limited space in the logistics, providing unlimited logistics services

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